The Academy is a family oriented, friendly, welcoming environment. Sensei Peewee and his wife make sure you feel comfortable. Sean says he is having fun learning. The school teaches discipline in learning technique. Sean loves every minute of it and wakes up on Monday and Wednesday anxious to get there ahead of time, always watching the clock. Always smiling, fascinated with karate.
Deborah LaSalle, Grandmother of Sean.

For the past year my two boys have experienced tremendous growth, strength, and development in Sensei Peewee's class. He is an inspirational teacher and has a wonderful connection with children. He has a great way to motivate them. Sensei Peewee has taught my sons discipline, respect, and confidence. They enjoy this style of karate and are enthusiastic to achieve the goals Sensei Peewee sets for them. This is one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you Sensei Peewee!
Marley Stevens, Parent of Gavin and Chase.

I truly believe that Blanco Martial Arts Academy is a place that teaches karate and also helps teach the kids motivation and self-respect. It is a place of development for the mind. It is truly amazing what the kids learn and what they can do if that put their mind to it.
Patricia S. Johnson, Parent of Ronnell Stewart.

My son is Peyton Warden and being a part of Blanco Martial Arts has benefited him in many ways. He has always been a conservative and respectful child but sometimes lacked the most important quality every child needs which is confidence. He has always had confidence in the academic atmosphere, but not so much outside of the classroom. However, Sensei Peewee has helped him to build confidence in himself through positive reinforcement and respect. He is a remarkable leader and teacher who has not only made the children feel great about themselves, but also made the parents feel very comfortable and confident in his abilities.
Heidi Warden, Parent of Peyton Warden.

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